Unsafe at any speed

“Nerfing the universe doesn’t build solid adults.” Case in point: Reed College Student Jeremiah True who was banned from his humanities conference, had his movements restricted, and was ultimately excluded from campus *without due process* when he DARED to present logic and factual arguments against the 1 in 5 false assault statistics and challenged the “rape culture” theory on national university campuses. Civil rights violations are occurring in the citadels of highest “learning.”

Brad R. Torgersen

The very first time I ever saw the phrase “trigger warning” I immediately flashed back to White Phase in Basic Combat Training: keep your gawtdamned trigger finger out of the gawtdamned trigger well, crazies! That’s what the Drill Sergeants would yell at us if ever they saw us walking around Hollywood style — our index fingers curled ignorantly in places where our index fingers shouldn’t be curled. Because that’s not a gun, that’s a rifle, and carelessness with a rifle is Very Bad.

Come 2014, and people want us to issue trigger warnings for all kinds of things. What we see, what we hear, and what we read. Or rather, what we might hear or see or read, and how this might touch off all kinds of unfortunate psychological and emotional pyrotechnics. Because (apparently) everyone is a wounded warrior now. Even people who’ve never been in the military, nor experienced…

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One comment on “Unsafe at any speed
  1. danettetrue says:

    This is an excellent and well-written piece. You help raise awareness of an important issue and a sinister movement occurring on campuses throughout our country. Many are suffering–some silently, some publicly–and “Nerfing the Universe” does a disservice to our citizens and our nation. I reblogged to danettetrue.wordpress.com. Thank You!

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