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Google Beats Apple To NFC Payments With Google Wallet | Touch Reviews

via Found it extremely interesting that the “consumer” all these marketing execs were discussing was a “she”: Better shopping experience for “her,” keeping “her” in the store longer, “she’ll” enjoy the checkout process, “she’ll” h…

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T Minus #Fifteen #Minutes and Counting

TimeWe’ve all got the same 24 hours. I’ve connected with several people this week and discussed their challenges with time management (including myself). For many of us, it’s a constant challenge to keep up with all the tasks that demand our time….

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#LinkedIn #IPO Is Set for #Thursday (#social #media #news)

Score LinkedIn is one of the less hyped, unlike other social networks!Take, for example: Facebook – it is now worth more than $ 60 billion and is projected to exceed $ 100 billion, Groupon going to get an estimate of 25 billion dollars in the IPO …

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Do You Have a #Facebook #Marketing #Strategy? Technorati Advertising

Do You Have a Facebook Marketing Strategy? Author: Andrew Froehlich Published: May 13, 2011 at 8:04 pm Now that I am offering social network marketing services for my clients, I’ve been doing a great deal of research on the topic to help refine my…

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