5 Ways Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Their Days

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Their Days.


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2 comments on “5 Ways Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Their Days
  1. Pam Maltzman says:

    Hi, Danette! Long time since I worked for you at Arco (later Rodeer). I was recently terminated by Turnaround Time. have moved to Kingman, Arizona. Just got hired by one MTSO (starting training 01/09/2014, and also looking for a second MT job in order to stay on top of the bills. I worked for Turnaround Time for over 16-1/2 years, was recently terminated abruptly. Lived in Glendale for about 3 years; overall didn’t like the way I was treated by many of the Armenians. Once, I complained about a noisy party and got called a “dirty Jew,” something that had never happened before or since. Do you know of any decent MTSO that might be looking for an at-home MT? Preferably one hich either provides a workstation to an employee or will lease a worstation to an employee. Your kids must all be grown up by now! I am in a long-term relationship, not married, but with 5 cats. –Pam Maltzman

    • danettetrue says:

      Hello Pam! I apologize for replying to this over a year since you posted it. Great to hear from you. Unfortunately, I don’t know any MTSOs anymore; I got out of the MT industry years ago when offshoring/outsourcing drove wages down to the sub-basement and there was no respect for the INCREDIBLE amount of knowledge and expertise MTs are required to have to produce HIPAA compliant records. I’m now an administrator and small-business owner. Yes, my kids are all grown–and one is embroiled in a battle with his college which violated his free speech and civil rights. Never a dull moment. Hope you found profitable work and are doing well in your relationship and enjoying your 5 cats!–Danette True

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