Social Media and Computing Research: Where Audiences and Algorithms Meet

How HP Uses Social Media Science To Make Predictions

Published September 23, 2011 Printer-Friendly

social media expert interview

In this video I interview Bernardo Huberman, director of the Social Computing Research Group at HP Labs and author of The Laws of the Web: Patterns in the Ecology of Information.

Bernardo shares why HP is studying social media as portal to understanding their customers and consumers. You’ll discover how HP is able to predict sales weeks before a product is released thanks to social media research.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

<p>Hp-bernardo_huberman_v3 from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.</p>


Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • What you can learn about social behavior on social media
  • How social media monitoring and research can help you learn more about your customers
  • What you need to know about how people pay attention
  • How to measure the degree of the interest people show in your product or service on social media
  • How to analyze people’s behavior on the social web
  • How you can predict the success of new ideas and new products
  • How to determine how influential are you and how this correlates to the number of your followers
  • How to understand the passivity of your followers and how this impacts social shares
  • Why the “winner takes all” phenomenon impacts social media

Connect with Bernardo on Twitter @bhuberman and check out HP’s Social Computing Research website.

Do you monitor or research what social media tells you about your business? What are your thoughts on this? Please leave your comments below.


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Do you think it’s interesting or frightening that social media behavior can be categorized, analyzed, predicted and leveraged?


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