Internet Development and Social Media: The Importance of a Plan

One of the greatest challenges for any business is developing an effective marketing plan. With rapidly changing technology and the expansion of social media sites on the Internet, businesses must understand that they now need to include Social Media Marketing in their marketing plans.

What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing and advertising that focuses on branding and communication goals in the participation of various social media sites.

Social Media Marketing has now become an essential component in creating a successful business. Most companies realize that a well crafted social media strategy is a vital part of the marketing mix. Recent studies have found that 78% of executives thought a social business strategy was somewhat or very important to the future success of their business. Despite this realization, most executives are still only in the tentative stages of making social strategy a priority.

Many company owners are hesitant to create a strategy because they haven’t fully developed their brand and/or company message or they find it difficult to translate their mission and vision into an online strategy. Even if they’re using Social Media Marketing, many owners haven’t set goals or developed an organized plan to market their business. Cyberlink’s Internet Development and CAPP All-in-One Application Tool will help companies develop an online presence and social marketing strategy and then help them implement their plan and prioritize their presence in the social spaces.

Companies may be using social media marketing, but those that choose not to focus on a social strategy risk falling behind the curve in integrating social media with their overall marketing goals. Recognizing the importance of strategy alone isn’t enough; companies need to begin implementing a plan. Cyberlink’s Internet Development services and CAPP All-in-One Application Tool can help.

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While we ponder when to begin it becomes too late to do.” — Quintilian



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