How to Prospect Properly by Distinguishing S.T.A.R. Personality Types

R= Relationship

If you love people, ethics, morality, authenticity and involvement, then you can consider yourself a "R" personality. You are very empathetic, inspiring and encouraging. You can also be very romantic and have a strong belief in harmony and personal growth.

R’s have good communication skills, people skills and make great mentors as well as counselors. You are appreciative in more ways then one and you show it. You love others and are always seeking deeper meaning in everything that you do, including your business and how you can gain materially. Helping others is more important then making money. Making money is like the icing on the cake.

You do not get along with fake people and you can spot them a mile away. You need to be around others and you are very social. You tend to put yourself in other’s shoes and see things their way. You are always looking out for the best interest in everyone else. You make a perfect confidant, you are enthusiastic and intense.

You will make a perfect recruiter, motivational speaker and trainer in a business. When it comes to making a "R" personality want what you have to offer, you may consider new ideas, helping others, bringing out the best in others and the benefit it will have on people.

Another thing that will sell to a "R" empowering and sharing rapport. Remember that they are good at reading between the lines, to sharing the true meaning will get their attention. Will this impact the lives of many? Tell a "R" how good they are doing before slamming the constructive critism. They tend to be sensitive. Use metaphors when you explain concepts and ideas. Compassion is key. Helping others is the only way. The money is the icing on the cake.

If you are a "R" and you want to prospect remember that sometimes things are really bad. Be prepared for failure sometimes, because it may overwhelm you. Try not to get too personal in conflicts, especailly those that are not your own.

Know the goal, even though you are a people person and you are all about relationships. You love turning fantasy into reality and dreams into actions. Try not to get too caught up and emotional about things. Take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody or anything (tasks, projects, etc.) because your health and needs are priority.

Personality types: S=Structure, T=Theory, A=Action, R=Relationship. I was told I was a “T” but I think I may be an “R”–how about you? Interesting idea to make a quick assessment of someone’s personality and then create the conversation to suit their personality.


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