T Minus #Fifteen #Minutes and Counting


We've all got the same 24 hours. I've connected with several people this week and discussed their challenges with time management (including myself). For many of us, it's a constant challenge to keep up with all the tasks that demand our time. It's easy to become overwhelmed and just give up. Compound that with the possibility that you may others in your home or workplace that don't share your vision of discipline and getting this done; or worse, they create conflict and disorder and undermine your efforts.

Fifteen minutes.

You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. Take a walk. Call a friend. Book the overdue dentist appointment. Breathe. Fill the tank. Call that prospect. Read a chapter. Pay the bills. Scan your business cards. Write the overdue thank you. Upload photos. Blog. Enroll in a class. Schedule a proactive meeting with a difficult coworker. Daydream.

It may help you to track your time for a week and see how you actually use your time. Chances are you'll find many "15 minutes" hidden in your schedule that are currently not being put to good use. Break down your huge tasks into 15-minute chunks, set a timer, and GO!

NASA sends vehicles into space. It takes years of planning, discipline, and action. But it all comes down to "T minus" (T=time) and we're minutes from launch.

I wrote this blog post in 15 minutes. What will you do?

Focus on the Fifteen.

Let me know your thoughts; leave a comment.

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