#LinkedIn #IPO Is Set for #Thursday (#social #media #news)

Score LinkedIn is one of the less hyped, unlike other social networks!

Take, for example:
Facebook – it is now worth more than $ 60 billion and is projected to exceed $ 100 billion,
Groupon going to get an estimate of 25 billion dollars in the IPO and has already managed to give up 6 billion proposed by Google for it,
losing Twitter – 10 billion which they offered all the same Google, our VKontakte worth 1.84 billion

Almost all the popular social network increased the gross profit for 2010 at least 2 times and many have already crossed the breakeven point. At the same time, the cost is inflated

Investors invest in standby, shutting their eyes to reality. If the network does not justify the expectations of the next 2-3 years, and it is very difficult to do, despite the significant growth of the market, it will lead to a dramatic collapse in the value of companies, but not to a wave of bankruptcies, as it did in 2001 because the project is now earning This is not a bubble, it’s just re-evaluated.

Are you IN or OUT?


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