Where The Work Is Going


Craig, great post. You’re correct when you say the work of social media is embedding: “The school bell has rung, but the students don’t have teachers who are methodically incorporating the social business tools into the fabric of corporate life in a meaningful way. This is a huge opportunity.”

I think one of the best ways to teach is storytelling. In mythology and folklore, stories were always created to explore the “gap” between here and there, then and now, to teach the generations important lessons in understanding the unrelenting constant of change. Those stories often incorporated the idea of the “trickster,” one who lives in a perpetual state of being outside the social order. SuziCraig is so right when she states “I see online communities as a bridge in the gap.”

The social economy is like a teenager–no longer a child, but not yet an adult–and businesses and individuals are experiencing that adolescent gap. Those of us who recognize the new economy as social and connected have the responsibility to be the “social teachers” for the 40% who are awake, and the “social workers” for the 60% that are asleep. How better to teach them than to create new stories in the online communities to share with them while also helping them to beware the tricksters? Class is now in session.

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