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During the past three years, I have traveled across the nation and have encountered women in their 40’s and 50’s and beyond, from all walks of life, who were exemplars of “Fortytude”.

“Fortytude”, to me, means the ability to prosper and to enjoy the best years of our lives through fostering five Core Values: Grace, Connectedness, Accomplishment, Adventure, and Spirituality.

While traveling, I felt so lucky to have met these women and had felt truly inspired by their stories. These women helped me realize that life gets richer, better and even more fun as we enter our fifth decade and beyond.

On one particular special occasion, as I was flying back from Los Angeles to NYC, to visit my parents, I was simply awe struck by the article written about a woman named, Anne Cleveland.

As a 41- year-old woman who is known for leaving no stone unturned, I will admit that I would never have the courage to do what Anne Cleveland had done back in October 2010.

Sarah Brokaw’s first blog on Psychology Today discussing women with “Fortytude”–Check out her book by the same name; making the next decades the best decades of your life.

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